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*Sigh* Here’s another text post-
Hello everyone! I have missed you all dearly! I have been so busy and i have rather been avoiding this site because i have not had ANY inspiration. Like, at all. But i have been watching, reading, and doodling anime and i kind of want to have my own anime couple, if you will. So i have had a strike of inspiration. It’s not much but i thought i should let you all know that i am trying to work on something. I am trying. Once again thank you for putting up with me, i love you all dearly. <3

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I hate this time of year. I want to play i want to make sims i want to write stories i want want want.

But as soon as i hit the main menu i feel like i can’t do anything that someone already hasn’t done. 8(

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Spending the day on the water

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"Apology accepted."

"Apology accepted."

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"Go away."

"Don’t be like that.. I just wanted to apologize. What happened was wrong and you’re right. I guess i should listen to you more often. I’m sorry."

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"Hey Augustine."


"Look i’m sorry i caused all this.."

"It’s okay Max. But she’s right, i should welcome you with open arms."

"But i haven’t made it easy on you."

" you haven’t."

"But hey? What is family for?"

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"That’s it! Augustine, he is staying. If you say another word about this Max and i both will leave and never come back."

"But Phoeb-"

"He is your brother! You should welcome him! My brother is dead! I don’t have the simple pleasures of letting him stay with me anymore.. You are lucky."

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